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By Grace Musimami Many parts of Uganda are already experiencing Climate change impacts from erratic weather such as frequent droughts, floods and landslides, leading to famine, Close to 800,000 hectares of crop land is being lost every year to effects of climate change, according to Dr willy kakuru, project coordinator at the Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) ,the 2016 Uganda…
Maize is a main food product on most African plates , it’s the most grown crop in most of the smallholder farmer’s fields, However, despite the importance Maize can be the avenue for biological insecurity if not well protected from development of aflatoxin. Scientist at the National Agriculture Research Organisation (NARO) , have developed new maize varieties that are resistant…
The NEPAD Agency has made significant impact in the last decade, through social and economic transformation in Africa. NEPAD (The New Partnership for Africa’s Development) which is the African Union’s development coordinating entity has been showcasing some of these achievements to the group of African Ambassadors at the United Nations Permanent Observer Mission in New York.
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