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President Museveni calls for modern agro production

  • Dec 15, 2014
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President Yoweri Museveni launched the Youth Innovation Centre and Export Market with a call on the youth to embrace modern agro production for income generation and job creation, saying there is wealth in agriculture that must be harnessed.
“When we talk about jobs, I don’t stress government jobs, they are very limited. When I registered for my identity card, when it came to profession, they put politician, I said that is undermining me. My job is a farmer. I suspended farming to go to the bush and I came back. There is a lot of wealth in agriculture,” he said.


The President was address¬ing a public rally at Namulanda on Entebbe road shortly after touring an exhibition by various youth groups engaged in modern agro production and value addition. The ceremony was graced with a performance by local artist Catherine Kusasira
He stressed that there are only five sectors that create jobs including modern agro production, industrialization, services, ICT and civil service and urged the youth to re focus on things that create jobs and incomes such as acquiring entrepreneur skills for value addition.
The President pledged to use his authority to improve budgeting funding for youth projects in the next financial year, adding that he is due to restructure the youth office under State House to include information, communication and dissemination and value addition on produce.

The Uganda Youth innovation Centre and Export market (UYIC) is a national platform committed to enhancing and strengthening development roles and economic responsibilities of the youth in Uganda with the aim of adding valve to local products, agricultural ex¬port promotion, marketing and research among others.

While the President commended a section of the youth who have already engaged in various activities to earn an in¬come for themselves, he noted that the problem of the major¬ity of youth is disorientation.

“The problem with the youth is disorientation. I call on the youth to come back and refocus on things that will bring income through entre¬preneurial skills and value ad¬dition” he said.

The president urged parents, teachers and institutions to guide youth in their early stages in areas that would help them get income such as agriculture saying that he himself is a farmer. He urged the youth to learn from those that have already started.
He pledged to help the UYIC with machines and in¬puts to help them in their projects.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde commended the Presi¬dent and his government for the youth programs and urged the youth to take advantage of these programs to be able to come out of poverty.
She noted that government has invested heavily in elec¬tricity and roads, there is relief on the side of traders who have been using generators that is costly for them to maintain their business. She said that her ministry is going to link enterprising youth and their products to the larger East Af¬rica and International markets.

The chief organizer of the Youth Initiative, Mr. Hilary Musoke said that if Ugandans can add value addition to agriculture products, the problem of unemployment can be reduced.
The function was attended by the Minister for the Presidency, Hon Frank Tumwebaze, Youth Minister Hon. Kibuule Ronald and RDC Wakiso Eng Ian Kyeyune among other

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