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Low milk prices irk farmers

  • Dec 19, 2014
Published in National

DAIRY FARMERS IN Ntungamo District have expressed concern over the falling prices of milk, The farmers said , milk production was currently useless as the inputs were outcosting the profit margins. Under their Ntungamo Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union, they said they are being cheated by middlemen who pay them peanuts for their milk and reap bigger profits after adding little value.


The farmers said they formed a cooperative union to get better market prices for their milk but there is little difference from the situation before when they were selling to individuals They said there is no point in investing more in the industry to improve production when there is no market for the existing produce.

They said they had been promised support to build a factory for value addition but the promised support to build a factory for value addition but the promise has not been fulfilled. They did not say who had made the promise.

Dairy farmers in western region had organised themselves under Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union (UCCCU) to set up a milk processing factory to help them get higher prices but the project has not taken off.

Currently, the farmers are paid Shs 600 per litre with a deduction of Shs 100 for the Union.

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