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Eac Co-operative Bill Public Hearing To End

  • Dec 20, 2014
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Legislative Assembly (EALA) recently concluded the public hearing sessions on the East African Community (EAC) Co-operative Societies Bill, 2014 across the region.


The Bill, whose enactment is being processed by EALA, is intended to harmonise national co-operative laws in the EAC partner states, and to provide a framework for co-operatives to exploit the EAC regional integration agenda. The public hearing process kicked off on September 12, and the last one was held in Kampala at the Imperial Royal Hotel. “EALA is in the process of enacting a law on co-operative societies in the EAC.

Therefore, the assembly has held a series of public hearings in each of EAC partner states in a bid to involve East African citizens in the legislation process,” said steven Muchiri CEO EAFF. The Bill, also being advanced by members of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), seeks to realise the engagement of the co-operative movement in the EAC integration process. According to Stephen MUchiri, the chief executive officer of EAFF, the law will also help the EAC farmers get a broader understanding of the common market protocols, which will ease cross-border trade. The farmers trading in the region account for only 1%. “The Bill will not only serve farmers, but also enable co-operatives in one EAC country to form joint ventures with those from other member countries,” Muchiri said.

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