Feb 22, 2018 Last Updated 2:37 PM, Apr 10, 2017
African indigenous vegetables such as African egg plant, (Enttula), Nakati,Red amarathus(Ebuuga), Sukuma wiki, pigeon peas, Amarathus, Ensugga, cabbages and spider plant (ejjobyo), have been time memorial grown wildly for home consumption and very few farmers have taken interest in growing the African indigenous vegetables, some who have done it are doing it on a small scale accompanying them with other…

Sowing New Rice For Uganda

RICE IS ONE OF the human race’s most important grains and its one the three world’s major cereals, along with wheat and corn.For the past 10 years Tsuboi Tatsushi has been working to promote the dissemination of the rice cultivar Nerica in Uganda as part of a Japan international co-operation agency (JICA) project to promote rice production in Uganda, he…
Dr. Titus is the head of Cassava and sweat potatoes program at the national crops resources research institute he spoke to Farmers media about the contribution of the Cassava program towards this year’s world food day theme which is feeding the world and caring for the earth.
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