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Named after the broom-like leaf proliferation it causes at the top of cassava plants, the disease has already swept through Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, China and the Philippines, resulting in dramatic reductions in cassava root starch content and in parts of Vietnam, massive 80 per cent yield losses.whlist Africa is very prone,witches Broom can be very devastating.
AFRICAN INDIGENOUS vegetables (AIVs) are commonly served as side dishes prepared to accompany many impressive foods, the likes of the commonly reffered to as Nakati, dodo, gyobyo and many others ,also in Buganda Commonly referred to as Enva endirwa (side dish), indigenous vegetables offer a wider range of health benefits that suite them to be a major course of food.…
Ludigo Musa is a coffee farmer from Kananage.The coffee show has painted a very big picture in the district, most of the farmers have responded,civir servant, local leaders and other farmers from surrounding districts, previous years the attendance were very low but today we are many and our attitudes are high, we are engaging in every activity around.

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