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Coffee shows giving hope to farmers

  • Dec 20, 2014
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Ludigo Musa is a coffee farmer from Kananage.
The coffee show has painted a very big picture in the district, most of the farmers have responded,civir servant, local leaders and other farmers from surrounding districts, previous years the attendance were very low but today we are many and our attitudes are high, we are engaging in every activity around.


We have been sensitized about the coffee trig borer, how to protect the disease and also to pass by laws so as farmers can cut down those materials which are affected and also to manage them properly by practicing the best practices in managing coffee.

Buwoya John Is an agricultural officer for Kamuli district. T
hrough having these coffee shows we have been able to increase on Coffee production in Kamuli and it has started raising especially since 2012 up to now, it is encouraging, it is increasing continuously and this due to a lot of seedlings being brought to Kamuli district to our farmers especially NAADs program , then by also local leaders from coffee shows like this, and even today we have got coffee seedlings and lots of offers from the president of Uganda, this has encouraged our farmers to carry out coffee farming, farmers have been taught to have access to improved seedlings not just planting any how, but get those which are resistant to disease, some years back coffee shambles were destroyed by the coffee wilt disease and also coffee twig borer but presently we have got the resistant varieties so now farmers are turning back to grow coffee, so coffee shows has shown us hope.

Moses Kyamwira
Generally coffee show is good, it is very educative, I have managed to know how I can control the pests and disease which is affecting my farm, and also I have learnt that we should by all means collaborate as farmers because it is the only way how we can fight the coffee twig borer which is affecting us so much, I have been able to know and identify how coffee twig borer affect coffee Firstly I thank our production team at the district who have managed to bring us this coffee show, because it has helped me to enlighten my knowledge as far as farming is concerned, I can now manage an acre of coffee, we have been taught on how to take care of our coffee, and not harvesting the green coffee, we have been taught how to get high yields from small portion coffee trees if you take care of them properly. So it has been a productive show and I hope we will have it annually.

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