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What Opportunity Can Family Farming Represent For Youth?

  • Dec 19, 2014
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First of all, within the developing world, agriculture is identified as one of the economic pillars and the mainstay of the economies. It is in the same society where unemployment is high. Therefore the connection between agriculture development and unemployment which is rampant amongst the youth mainly must be immense.

 To cultivate the next generation of family farmers, we must invest in women and youth. We have got so many of these youth walking on the streets from office to office in such of jobs. Worth noting is that most of the them (males) have taken up a habitual activity of gambling (betting). It hurts me when I see these energetic young people lining up with receipts struggling for seemingly lousy jackpots. If they can use the same time to engage in some sort of farming domestically, I hugely believe our economies will boom.

Therefore, in my own view, family farming and indeed agriculture as a whole can offer huge opportunities to youth. They dont need any special skills and they don’t have to start up( Huge start-up capital) to engage in family farming.

Luckly enough for us in Uganda, there are almost no taxes levied on agricultural produce apart from the subsidized taxes on the eqiupment.

What challenges are youth involved in family farming facing, especially young girls/women and those living in rural areas? In many developing countries, women are the backbone of the economy. Yet women farmers do not have equal access to resources and this significantly limits their potential in enhancing productivity.

In my country, women face many obstacles to productive farming compared to men. Many of them are young (17-35 years) and because they are less or not educated at all, they are chiefly involved in farming as the only way to support their families. It has also been noted that many of them are in polygamous marriages and they have to struggle to support their children.

Those who are not in polygamous marriages have got irresponsible husbands whose only work is to wake up every morning and go sitting in local trading centres, discussing local politics and the Europeans football leagues while their families are wallowing in poverty. They (Women) have limited access to credit and lack control of family funds in their families.

Female farmers also face scant educational opportunities and gender discrimination at markets. Without available funds and proper training, women are unable to make improvements to their farming methods and continue to suffer from low food yields.

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