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Poor Quality Green Leaf Declines Tea Prices

  • Dec 19, 2014
Published in Business

THE FARMERS across the country have been asked to pick only the recommended green tea leaves so as to curb the decline of international tea prices. The call was made by Caleb Kipande, the former chairman of the board of directors of Kayonza Growers Tea Factory.

He was addressing the 19th annual general meeting for the factory shareholders in Kanungu district last week. He said many farmers harvest poor quality green tea leaves, which has compromised the international market value at the auction market in Mombasa has witnessed a fall in prices due to the quality supplied.

This has affected our incomes,” Kipande said. As a result, farmers are earning only Shs380 per Kilo for their leaf. Previously, they earned Shs410. He, however, said that although the operating environment had remained subdued in the last six months, Kayonza Growers Tea Factory which started in the 1950s has managed to deliver a fair results.

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