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How To Market Your Business In The World’s Last Growth Frontier - Africa

  • Dec 20, 2014
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At no time in recent years has there been as much optimism about the various opportunities for businesses in Africa. Yet, successfully market- ing a brand across such a diverse continent – with over 50 countries, hundreds of languages and various cultures – is no easy task.


This is according to Sumesh Rahavendra, Head of Marketing for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa (http://www.dpdhl.com), who says that business owners expanding into Africa need to be aware that in addition to the various challenges relating to language and trade barriers, they need to carefully consider cultural differences, pricing strategies and the political environment, when adapting strategies for marketing goods and products on the continent. He explains that as opposed to western markets, where the methods to reach consumers are relatively defined,

Africa’s unique business landscape gives scope to introduce innovative marketing initiatives that may be relatively unexplored by businesses operating in other markets. “It is an incredibly exciting time to be in Africa, simply because of the size of the untapped oppor- tunities. With the fastest growing middle class in the world, there is great need for all types of goods – all you have to do is reach out and communicate with the market,” says Rahavendra. He offers the following advice to business owners looking to expand and market their products and services in Africa:

It is important for brands to market their offerings in a way that connects with local consumers. Although large corporates may have global brand marketing guidelines, the staff based in Africa should adapt these guidelines in a way that works best for the local market. The communication strategy for each country in Africa should be different. While radio commercials might work in South Africa and Nigeria, print advertising could be best for Cote d’Ivoire, billboards might have the biggest impact in Lesotho etc. Business owners need to research and explore local best practices, and consult experienced partners in the country to know what works in each country.

“A recent example was when we (DHL Express) marketed our products via a point-of-sales promotion in Ethiopia. The typical approach would be to offer promotional discounts or give-aways to incentivise walk-in customers. However, our country manager in Ethiopia suggested giving customers a voucher to buy chicken to coincide with the Ethiopian Easter celebration. This non-conventional promotion proved to be a huge success, and highlights the importance of trusting a local team to know what works best in their territory.”

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