Feb 22, 2018 Last Updated 2:37 PM, Apr 10, 2017

President Yoweri Museveni launched the Youth Innovation Centre and Export Market with a call on the youth to embrace modern agro production for income generation and job creation, saying there is wealth in agriculture that must be harnessed.
“When we talk about jobs, I don’t stress government jobs, they are very limited. When I registered for my identity card, when it came to profession, they put politician, I said that is undermining me. My job is a farmer. I suspended farming to go to the bush and I came back. There is a lot of wealth in agriculture,” he said.

At the heart of all Rugasira’s efforts is his strong belief in the transformative power of self-help. In trade, and not aid, he says, is where Africa’s future well-being lies. Tired of seeing developed nations take the lion’s share of profits from his countrymen’s coffee crop, Ugandan businessman Andrew Rugasira decided back in 2003 that it was time for a new business arrangement.

Salongo, a vegetable farmer, speaking about his farm which is worth millions of shillings, one would wish to become an AIV farmer the next day. But the Farmer who has taken specialty in growing indigenous vegetables in Nalusuga village, Nangabo Sub County in Wakiso District says the road to earning millions from the vegetables has been out of past misfortunes with other indigenous vegetables. Kaye says, for many years he grew things that were very vulnerable to pests and diseases, this continued to kill his investment. This prompted him to think outside the box, the farmer was able to resort to AIVs for urvival not knowing he had reached his goldmine.

President Yoweri Museveni has disclosed that only sh95b out of the sh200b that the Government has been releasing annually to benefit farmers under the National Agricultural and Advisory Services (NAADS) programme was used to purchase seedlings. He said the rest was being mismanaged by civil servants in various districts all over the country.

“The purpose of involving the army to take lead in the NAADS implementation is to save the farmers from the misappropriation of the funds and to save the people of Uganda,” the President said on Wednesday at State House, Entebbe.

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