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Grace Musimami

Alliance for Green Revolution for Africa (AGRA), the Agriculture Ministry, and Uganda investment Authority have launched the 2021 agribusiness deal room Uganda chapter, the deal room is to create opportunities for a matchmaking platform for new business deals, partnerships and commitments. 

Officiating at the launch, Mr Lawrence Byensi the Acting Executive director of Uganda Investment Authority, said the deal room was a great opportunity that opens doors for Uganda’s agriculture sector investment strategy.  He said the agriculture sector provided great untapped opportunities and that the deal room was the pathway to unlock the untapped potential.

“The investment window for the agriculture sector is still virgin, for example, we still have limited utilization of water bodies, livestock and fisheries industry has opportunities for feeds and fodder production, we have a high demand of white meat today, all these are investable opportunities that the deal room opens up opportunities for, we welcome it with open arms.” Said Byensi

The Launch held at Kampala Serena Hotel was attended by a cross-section of actors, who included local investors, financial institutions, agriculture sector Donor agencies, innovators, different government agencies and donor organizations.

Mr Byensi further said the deal room was to enhance the facilitation of an already existing Plan to establish an Agriculture One-stop Centre, the Centre will be a stopping point for information on all investment areas in the sector. He further applauded AGRA for its support to the sector and creation of an agribusiness deal room.

“The Uganda investment authority has continuously branded the country as the most considerable investment destination, the deal room will uplift the investment hub that agriculture sector provides for continent. “Adds byensi

Dr John Jagwe the AGRA Country Manager, said the Deal room hosts both companies and governments providing them an opportunity to showcase opportunities to investors, financial institutions, development partners, and other stakeholders looking for partnerships.

“We are glad Uganda has launched and is setting up to participate in the deal room, we expect to host strong country delegations of both government and private sector, to present the investment opportunities. This will conversely enable country-focused engagement that will deepen the conversations and strengthen relationships initiated at the upcoming Africa green revolution forum. “Said Jagwe

The agribusiness deal room is a year’s round match-making platform at the sidelines of the Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) with the aim of catalyzing new business deals, partnerships, and commitments. , it provides an investable pipeline of a wide range of investors in the agribusiness sector.

The deal room will present national agriculture investment priorities and incentives to partners investors looking to engage in Uganda, showcase selective private sector investment opportunities, and rally partners to provide both financial and technical support towards unlocking investments for both public and private sector opportunities.