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Farmers Media is a specialized agro-based Media organization that specializes in Agricultural communication in Uganda and the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) region. Founded in 2007 the organization’s mission is to inform and empower rural communities through promotion of agriculture-based information. Based in Ntinda-Kampala , the Farmers Media has placed itself as Uganda’s first agricultural information Centre.

Operational focus. Since 2007, Farmers Media has placed particular focus on communication of crosscutting issues such as extension, farmer entrepreneurship, value chain development, access to finance, sustainable food production, HIV/AIDS, climate change, education, human rights, environment, gender, information technology and the general development of rural livelihoods in Uganda. With a staff of 10 dedicated staff, The organization has over the years transformed and built capacity in various communication modems , with this the organization produces a monthly publication the farmers media, runs video productions and also runs a studio for translation and voice recording.

Evolution of training and farmer support services. Initially focusing on print media, Farmers Media has gradually built up some experiences in radio, photo and video use in farmer training. The organization is running a number of agricultural radio shows to ensure farmer empowerment and guidance as well as producing many agricultural enhancement videos. It has also helped with the multiplication, distribution and translation of agricultural videos into local languages. Knowing the high illiteracy levels and the impact of local language communication and use of Visual Aid for agriculture, Farmers Media has since 2009 coordinated the translation and distribution of various videos, key of which are the 20,000 “Rice Advice” DVDs distributed throughout East Africa.
– The organization has also been contracted by various organizations to document various agricultural based activities by the various partners , these include but not limited the Uganda national Farmers Federation, Kilimo trust, East African Farmers Federation,-EAFF, Eastern and Southern Smallholder farmers forum-EASSF, NAADS, NEPAD, African Union and many others.

Networks and alliances. Over the years Farmers Media has built a strong agro network that ensures ready access to the information it generates. This category encompasses individuals, organizations, schools, banks and institutions, embassies, vet shops, supermarkets, outlets, government departments and local councils. Farmers Media has
good connections with all major players in agricultural research and development in Uganda, with NAADS, the Uganda Farmers Alliance and the Uganda National Farmers Federation. Other partners include CTA, FAO,AUC, NEPAD, Send a Cow, Kilimo Trust, Uganda Seed Trade Association, National agro-dealer associations, agricultural networks, farmer organisations and Ministries of Agriculture, Trade and Finance.