Farmers Media

What we do


  • The success of any production depends on planning.
  • Working out who will be the target audience?
  • How will you illustrate the important points and issues?
  • Who will you interview?
  • What sort of graphics and music will make the production come alive?
  • How will skilful editing make your production stand out?

You know who to talk to… 


  • Streaming for the web.
  • Multi language. multi choice
  • The flexibility of multi-media gives endliess possibillities.
  • As technology becomes cheaper, it is spread throughout the Country.
  • We make sure your message is appropriate to your audience.

Multi-media…the choice is yours.


  •  Now that high quality digital video cameras are available at affordable prices, Farmers Media has designed training packages to help establish media production units in many parts of the country.
  • The starting point is a small group of differently skilled people (not video experts).
  • Basic equipment includes the digital camera, tripod, clip microphone, headphones and a multimedia computer.
  • A few weeks of intensive,hands-on training later and you have a team with skills that can really make a difference, whatever the subject.


  • Private firms, NGO’s, Government agencies and projects understand the need for simplifying communication.
  • They know that there is a need to involve different groups and not just concentrate on traditional top down communication.
  • Farmers Media can assist in planning communication strategies,working on improving relationships with journalists, TV and radio stations, and in advising on production of material to help show success stories and inspire others.